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Bnai Mitzvah


Students in Neshamah’s educational programs will qualify to become bar/bat mitzvah as part of our congregation. If your child is not enrolled in our programme, please us to discuss options for your child to become bar/bat mitzvah as part of our community. 

Celebration Fee
A ‘Celebration Fee’ of $360 applies to all Neshamah B’nai Mitzvah services. This fee covers transportation of our Ark and prayer books, handout printing and other setup costs. Families are also billed a $180 audio fee. Neshamah handles ALL audio and video for ALL bnai mitzvah services. DJ companies and in-house systems will not be used.


Bnai Mitzvah Date Reservations
We are still a small congregation, so chances are you will receive the date that you want, but since we have around 20 students in each class, and birthdays tend to cluster, we have implemented a Bnai Mitzvah Date Registration process to be equitable to all. We are now taking dates for 2018, 2019 and 2020. 2020 dates must be submitted by February 15th, 2018 to receive priority. Please click the banner below to inquire about dates.

Bnai Mitzvah Student Pass Card
Students are expected to attend at least 3 bar/bat mitzvah services in the year prior to their    own. Please check the bnai mitzvah schedule on this page and mark your calendars. Each student will receive his/her own Neshamah Pass Card in the new year. Students are required to have this card signed by Chari Schwartz or our Administrator, Adam Polansky Shapiro at each service they attend.

Bnai Mitzvah Family Ushering Requirement
Becoming b'nai mitzvah means to become part of your community. To that end, each Grade 7/B'nai mitzvah family is required to usher at a bar or bat mitzvah service that precedes their own. Please click on the banner below for more information.

Bnai Mitzvah Venue Form
Planning a bar/bat mitzvah can be a stressful time. Our role at Neshamah is to help make every service stress-free. Since Neshamah does not have its own building we ask that families choose from a list of pre-approved venues. Please click the banner below for some important information about venue choice.


Mon, May 20 2019 15 Iyar 5779