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Hebrew Program

In our Hebrew program students are divided into small groups within their classroom by reading ability to ensure that our Hebrew program is individualized. 

Similar to Guided Reading Levels (GRL) used in public schools students move through levels at their own pace and are assessed at regular intervals. 

Our program's levels follow the Hebrew seasons:

The overall learning goals in Hebrew are:

  • Hebrew letter and vowel recognition

  • Hebrew reading speed and proficiency

  • Progress matched to the child’s learning pace

  • Meaningful connection to G-d and Torah text

  • Participation in tefillah services and connection with a kehilla (community)




Keshet (rainbow) - Keshet is a promise, a covenant like in Noah’s ark, a commitment to teaching hebrew language learning in dynamic and colourful ways! In this group our K-1 students learn letters through sensory play and phonological awareness.

Stav (Fall)  #1

Stav (Fall) - Stav the changing of leaves, like our the change of learning style in this season, still full of colour using phonological awareness games, but also a family rules approach to knowing the Hebrew letters

Choref (Winter)  #2

Choref (Winter) - Choref white and clear like the letters we now know, making deep footprints with each vowel our students learn combining letters together they begin to read short words.

Aviv (Spring)  #3

Aviv (Spring) - Aviv buds sprout, as does our reading in this season as our students build fluency and accuracy reading short stories

Ka’yitz (Summer) #4

Ka’yitz (Summer) -In Ka’yitz the fruit of our labour is in full bloom. Students in this final season are ready to be a partner in learning (a chevruta). Together engaging with Torah passages and tefillah text as they prepare for both their B’nai Mitzvah as well as Jewish living and learning.


Neshamah’s program can accommodate students who come with no Hebrew background to those
who have come from a day school environment. It is highly adaptable.

*New this year! Introducing Talk and Tefillah: We will be exploring ways of meaningfully engaging in prayer as a school community.

Camp style discussion groups comprising of students in mixed age have a mixed students will have the opportunity to engage with prayer in meaningful ways.

Sat, June 15 2019 12 Sivan 5779