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School Philosophy

 The Spark:

During the Jewish holiday of Passover we take part in many rituals over the course of the seder meal. Whether it is leaning to one side, spilling drops of wine or hiding the afikomen. A secret hidden inside the haggadah, the key to how our sages approached Jewish education… The seder is really just a classroom, the customs activities and our wise sages the teachers who carefully designed our learning environment. We begin with both song and question, “Mah nishtanah ha’laila ha ze?”, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” The goal they have set out for us is to experience the exodus from Egypt in a resonating and meaningful way.



We reflect on the Jewish learning experiences our sages created for us and at the same time we also contemplate how best to provide engaging Jewish experiences for our students in contemporary times. We look to emergent pedagogies and specifically inquiry-based practices to guide our programming. It is our hope that we ignite a spark of wonder in each of our students and inspire them to make Jewish living and learning their own.


 School Values 


Belonging/ שַׁיָּכוּת (Sha-ya-chut): We are a community of co-learners; at our school, every Jewish Neshamah (soul) has a place. Our teachings in Pirkei Avot asks, “Who is wise? One who learns from every person”. (4:1)

Expression/ הִתְבַּטְּאוּת (Hit-bat-oot): At school we honour Kol Ami, (the voices of our people) We view our students as, “Competent, curious, capable of complex thinking rich in potential and experience.” (OME, 2016) We use Pedagogical Documentation to capture and also reflect with the students on their unique learning experiences.

Engagement/הִתְעַסְּקוּת (Hit-as-koot): Rabbi Judah Ha’nasi said, “Only the lesson which is enjoyed can be learned well”. At our school, Jewish themes are explored through both inquiry and play. Students enter a state of flow and focus when our teachers plan using our rich library of loose parts.

Well- Being/ שְׁלֵמוּת (Sh’lay-moot): Our inclusive school environment celebrates all kinds of learners. “Chanoch la’nar al pi darko” Educating according to their needs(Proverbs, 22). At our school, teachers care about how students are doing holistically, not just academically. This approach creates a safe learning space for our students and they are comfortable taking risks, trying new things and asking questions.

“The four foundations are built upon the Ontario Ministry of Education in Ontario’s (2016) framework for “Optimal learning and development.”

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Pedagogical Documentation: Pedagogical Documentation, Leading Learning in the Early years and Beyond, Ontario Ministry of Education Capacity Building Series


Works Cited: The Kindergarten Program (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016)

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