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Shabbat Flash Mob

Would you like to share a casual Shabbat with other Neshamah families? No muss? No fuss? Then opt
in to our Flash Mob!

Here's how it works:
Those who "opt in" will receive an email on Sunday asking for a host for the upcoming Shabbat. Once
someone volunteers their house, those who RSVP will receive the address. Then...

If you are going to a dinner:
Dress code is casual. Jeans are recommended :-)
Dinners start at 6 PM (when there is no Neshamah service).
Bring two dishes to share -- an entree and a side -- at least enough to
feed your family plus a couple of other folks.
Desserts are left to the imagination of the attendees. If you have a
dessert you'd like to share, bring it.
Please respond to the entire list to indicate that you are going to attend.
Most important - come over and have a good time!

If you are hosting:
The host supplies paper goods, challah, wine, and other drinks. The host does not coordinate dishes with
the attendees -- that's why everyone is asked to bring an entree and a side. The host is not required to
provide an entree or side dish -- that's why  everyone is asked to bring extra. If you keep kosher, please
let everyone know what the rules are for bringing food into your house (e.g. MEAT, DAIRY or PAREVE for
the meal, disposable dishes for cooked items, etc.)

Remember that you are not hosting a dinner party -- you are not expected to put out place settings or
anything -- just set everything out and let everyone eat buffet style. Keep it informal!

Have fun!
If you are interested in being part of the Shabbat Flash Mob crowd, please email

Shabbat shalom!

Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778