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Special Needs

Chanoch Lanaar al pi darko...

Our sages taught that we should teach each child in his or her own way,. This is a universal
message that guided us over the generations.  
Over time we have come to see that one size does not fit most and that our children learn in
adaptive ways to suit their needs, their styles, their interests and their strengths.
Neshamah Congregation’s education program creates a climate of learning that enables
students to learn according to their personal styles, specific needs and capabilities. Parents
are asked to share information about their child’s needs so that there is consistency in the
recommendations and accommodations they receive in their school/other program settings.
(IEP’s, reports and summaries).  Students learn in a warm and friendly, highly interactive
environment. Teachers received training and prepare their programs understanding each
students needs.

Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778